About us

We build and maintain small projects such as houses, parks, and big projects such as roads, rail, ports, airports, bridges, and property developments which make up connected, functioning settlements, towns and cities.

In the industry, it was considered cost efficient to directly employ maintaining staff; none of us could imagine any better way of effectively maintain a building or premises. When the term outsourcing emerged it revolutionised our world and gave us completely new approach to maintenance services.

Fovog is a Construction Company which offers a ‘one – shop’ for integrated maintenance services. Through a single point of contact our clients receive a simplified, cost – saving, risk reducing, efficient service that is rarely achieved through services. What do we mean? Considering, the most objectives of structural design, which includes; appropriateness, that involves: the arrangement of space, spans, ceiling heights, access and traffic flow as well as the fitting of the structure in its environment. The economy, which will prevent the overall structure not exceeding the clients’ budget. Structural adequacy which involves the structure strength. Maintainability of the structure which should have a reasonable life service.

Our team is built from vast array of experienced engineers. We can provide full service and maintenance programs effectively tailored to your requirements, which may range from care maintenance of empty building through to a resident engineer on large office or commercial complex.

We are able to maintain all building services equipment utilizing either our directly employed labour force, or specialist sub-contractors who meet our requirements, both in terms of Quality Assurance and Health and Safety. Fovog investment is providing a quality service at competitive prices, together with the recognition of client’s requirements and provision of cost effective solutions and high level service delivery. It is able to offer the personal service which, even in these modern times, is still highly valued by many customers world-wide.

With the necessary procedures in place this will confirm that we are capable of providing bespoke services to the highest level and to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Who We Are

We provide professional client – focused construction, consulting and project management solutions. As an employee – owned company, we go above and beyond on every project and deliver on our promises with integrity.

With the experience we have obtained through other companies as their employees for some periods time that we were all possessed managerial positions, we have been making our mark in both construction and construction industry. While times and technology have changed, what will never change is the way we work. In the industry we want to be on the board so that we can create a business based on honesty, trust, respect, safety and teamwork. As we combine our materials, skills and experience we wish to do greater than ever before, we choose idea that we may see our beloved nation Namibia in the World map when coming to Engineering services

Leaders are these stand still, like sharing and work as a one man, We all bears one mind, with the aim of being the best to our clients while living that transparency life, living a simple lives and remembering our must required purpose, caring our nation at hearts and creating a new atmosphere in the industry. Our target is to work with our Local Authorities, Regional councils, Governors, as well as Mayors for a better future Namibia.

Our Vision

To contribute significantly to building the new Namibia and become the world’s most valuable construction company.

Our Mission

To build world-class consulting concepts across construction level with the highest standard of professionalism, ethics, quality and customer service.

Our Values

To create a different atmosphere Namibia together with our clients.

According to our vision, mission and values, we are environment friendly, that we want to continue protecting it against emissions of all kinds, creating sustainable buildings with optimised building physics to live and work in a clean-up where asbestos is causing problems Studies on noise, vibrations, air hygiene, and climate. Calculations and definition of measures, public relations and representation with public authorities. Permissions under trade law for businesses and plants. Exert opinions for public authorities, planning of supervision of the disposal of pollutants. We will also be planning and dimensioning of elastic supports for buildings, static and structural design of structures and anti-vibration measures in substructures and railways maintenance.

Olden and since then, our customers tell us it is our approach and culture which set us apart. We are proud of that and we will keep on applying that approach every time we help to build a safer, stronger and sound community.